St. Malachy’s High School continues to embrace 21st Century Learning

3 Nov

As many of you are aware, I have returned to my Admin positon at St. Malachy’s High school in September after a two year secondment as a School District 8 Learning Specialist. It is very exciting to be able to bring my experience back to our school, and to continue my work in supporting  a vision for 21st Century Learning with a wonderful team of teachers, adminstartors, educational assistants, mentors and staff members. Todays post will  focus on our Library Learning Commons and our “New”  YouTube Video announcements channel.

STMSuperSaint Video announcements

We have a ton of wonderful 21st Century Learning examples happening at  St. Malachy’s, but I would like highlight  just a couple  today. If you haven’t heard about our new Library Learning Commons, I think you  would be impressed with our newly renovated space that includes free wifi, updated  technology and comfortable new furniture in a space where student art hangs throughout the space.  “The Commons” has become the hub of our school for students and teachers alike. This week for example,  our new video announcements went live on our school YouTube channel (stmsupersaint). Our announcement team records the announcemnst live from the Learning Commons daily.  This new format would not have been possible without the collective efforts of students, teachers, and district technology mentors alike.  Our video announcement team includes,  Callie Tracey & Kemi Collier (Directors of Video Announcements), Stephen Buckley (SRC President and news anchor), Aryn Sanojca (SRC Vice-President and new anchor), Mr. Warren Coombs (SRC Teacher advisor), Mrs. Andrea Connors (Technology Teacher),  Mr. Philip Sweezey (District Technology Mentor- ASSD),  and yours truly.  The video announcemnts have created a real buzz around the school this week.  As always, we  will strive to improve our product as we  move forward.  Feel free to check out the announcemnts on Twitter: @STM_Super_Saint  , Website:  or YouTube: STMSuperSaint

In conjection with our Literacy Team at school, we are organizing the  STM BOOK DRIVE 2012 . We are trying to increase our contemporary (i.e. NEW) book collection for the Learning Commons. You can help us by
bringing in your used books and donating them to the school.  Your previously loved books can bring new joy to readers here at STM.  We are looking for fiction and non-fiction pleasure reading material.  Sports
biographies, sci-fi series, historical fiction, and teen drama are all areas we would like to see grow in our collection.  Feel free to contact me for additional details.

I would also recommend that you check out our  October edition of  “The Saint”.  Mrs. Charlene Melanson’s students  generated  this student centered news paper. I have included the link below.

The Saint


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